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Maintaining consistent attendance can be tough. Here are three tips that may make it easier: 1. Routines. Having a clearly defined regimen makes keeping to a schedule a lot easier for young people and adults alike. 2. Sleep. Getting plenty of rest sets you up for a great morning. Routines can be helpful for going to sleep too, and keeping screens charging in another room is another great strategy. 3. Checklists. Anything that helps a student visualize all the steps they'll need to take to accomplish a task will benefit their ability to manage time. We hope you find these helpful! For more great ideas check out these resources:
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  • A video interview with a school psychologist and students about overcoming anxiety related to starting a new school year.00:60 The First Step to a Good School Year Is Just Be There!

    The beginning of another school year brings a lot of feelings for everyone. Some of them are positive and some may not be, and that's okay. See how MVSD staff and students are dealing with those feelings in our video about first day jitters!

    New MVSD School Psychologist Mary Mihuta recommends we focus on the things we are looking forward to while we process all of these emotions. For students, seeing friends or a favorite teacher, or even just going to recess might be a reason to get excited about school starting.

    Also keep in mind that teachers will spend the first few days establishing routines so students can better know what to expect going forward. Using fidgets and/or taking deep, calming breaths can be another useful tool for managing any anxiety students may feel about coming back to school.

    However you feel, we're glad that another school year is starting and we can't wait to welcome students back!

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